Oh, hello! My name’s Pinocchio. My father wished on the Wishing Star an’ the Blue Fairy made me come to life! But I can’t be a real boy until I prove myself brave, truthful, an’ unselfish. Sometimes that’s real hard to do, but I got my conscience Jiminy Cricket to help me. It’s awful nice to meet you, an’ I hope we can be real good friends! Part of Drama Free Disney ((Open to rping when anyone, so don’t be shy!))

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Oh hey is that Mr. Semaj? I didn’t know you have a Tumblr! Ha anyways glad to see more of Pinocchio and Alice :D They are such an adorable ship!!!!





Pinocchio && Geppetto <3


You can’t see what you’re looking at; you have to see what it’s going to become.

Only Walt Disney Animation Studios films included.

Please don’t comment saying I forgot a film: chances are I had a reason not to include it.


i got no strings on me #pinocchio #disneyland #disneyside

Pinocchio (1940)

Quick, we’ll head him off!


Disneybounding as Pinocchio!


     Adventures of Pinocchio – Scott Kirschner

      “Liar,” 10×13 1/4. Graphite on Denril